Vitamins and minerals for athletes

Vitamins and minerals for athletes

From childhood, everyone hears about the benefits of vitamins and other substances. Over time, a person develops the habit of choosing food products in which the greatest amount of useful elements. In order for the body to get enough substances from food, you need to know all the features of nutritional principles, and this will not give a 100% guarantee of success. Professional athletes, in spite of high-quality foods in the diet, as someone needs additional intake of supplements. The body of athletes experiences not only colossal physical exertion, but also moral stress. Vitamins for athletes have become indispensable helpers during long workouts and strict diets. If an ordinary person can afford to include both products in the diet, then athletes, as a rule, cannot do this, they have a strict diet sometimes with a very diverse list of products.

Sports nutrition with a high-quality composition can solve all problems with a lack of elements significant for the body. If 50 years ago, additives of any type aroused mistrust, since they were of poor quality, now, due to the innovative development of scientists, only high-quality products with a natural composition enter the shelves. A high-quality vitamin and mineral complex should contain only useful substances without chemical impurities. When choosing in a sports store, you should pay attention to the composition and price. Too cheap means can do more harm than good. To understand how to choose vitamins for fitness and other purposes, you need to monitor the market, as well as read reviews from other consumers. If the sports food has won the trust of the majority and there are many good opinions about it, you can safely purchase it to achieve your goals.

What are vitamins and minerals

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Vitamins are important regardless of age, occupation and degree of physical and mental stress. This is an indisputable fact, proving the centuries-old use of vitamins and minerals to maintain the normal existence of the body. Before you start taking any means, it is important to understand their properties and features, and also to understand what categories they are divided into. Vitamin compositions can be obtained from food, they are organic substances, but minerals are difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities, since their content in food directly depends on the natural process. Plants obtain minerals from the soil, after which they enter the body of humans or animals. Therefore, it is not known exactly how many minerals are present in a particular food product. The content of vitamins in food can be calculated using a long-developed table. It is also very important to know that not all elements can dissolve in water or greasy media. Please note that there are two main classifications:

  1. Fat-soluble vitamins. This group of useful substances allows the body to function fully. They dissolve perfectly in a greasy environment. This classification includes vitamins A; D; E; K. The composition of these substances rejuvenates the body, improves vision, protects against negative effects.
  2. Water-soluble vitamins. All B vitamins dissolve in water; They play a huge role in the body, while they must be constantly replenished, they are quickly excreted. They help to strengthen the immune system, act on the skin, hair, bones and other vital organs and systems.

Please note that there is also a concept as antivitamins. These substances, which are familiar to us, prevent a certain group of elements from being absorbed. These include thiaminase or caffeine, which slows down the work of vitamins B1 and C, and ascorbinase. It is important not only to know what substances and in what quantity are present in products, but also to combine them correctly.

What vitamins do an athlete need

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The great physical exertion that an athlete experiences is comparable to the hard labor of miners. For this reason, it is important for athletes to maintain a balance of substances in the body. Vitamins are necessary for every athlete, but it is important to know which ones are consumed faster than others in order to replenish stocks on time, to improve the quality of training and good health, as well as to achieve victory in competitions. (In bodybuilding, Halotest is used primarily to increase strength. The most important for powerful physical exertion are vitamins b12; b6; b7; b9 and b13. Also, a useful group includes retinol, tocopherol, cholecalciferol. It is especially difficult to achieve the desired concentration of cholecalciferol, sources of vitamin meat and the sun. With a strict diet, it is impossible to include a lot of meat in the diet, and due to constant training in the gym, it is difficult for athletes to achieve the desired result, only with the help of morning walks. Therefore, it is so important to combine meals with sports supplements.

The most essential minerals

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Minerals are even more important than vitamins, as they are more difficult to obtain on your own from food. Minerals are found in both plant and animal products, only in different quantities. To determine how much you need to eat a particular food, you should study the table where the average indicators are presented. If an athlete chooses a complex of minerals to saturate the body with the necessary elements. The supplement must contain the following mineral components (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, chromium, magnesium and zinc). Do not forget to include fish oil, which is so necessary for a person from birth. It contains a huge amount of vitamins, as well as essential trace elements such as sulfur, iodine, bromine and phosphorus. Thanks to them, the athlete has strong bones, a nervous system, and a normal hormonal balance is formed.

The effect of vitamins and minerals on athletic performance

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The groups of vitamins and minerals have certain characteristics and properties. Before you start taking pills, you need to decide on the goal and desire. Each body needs a different amount of the necessary substances, depending on the physical activity and the type of sport:

  • The influence of group vitamins (B) – are involved in the formation of new tissue cells, promoting muscle growth. Allows you to withstand physical exertion and overcome stressful situations. Note that when the ambient temperature drops, a large amount of vitamin B6 is lost. Athletes must take these vitamin formulations during the period of muscle gain and during intensive training.
  • Vitamin (C) is the most essential substance in sports, since in addition to protective properties, it has a lot of additional properties. Allows you to strengthen bones and ligaments, slows down the aging process, accelerates collagen production. Few people know, but taking supplements with this vitamin composition can improve hormones and prevent muscle breakdown. Should be taken regardless of the sport and purpose, especially in traumatic sports.
  • Vitamin (D) – lowers the threshold of fatigue, increases endurance and performance. Especially important for long distance runners and cycling athletes.
  • Vitamin (E) – enhances the work of the sex glands, increases testosterone production. Promotes elasticity and muscle relief, increases the rate of protein metabolism. Essential for bodybuilders and strength enforcers.
  • Biotin – saturates the body and muscles with energy. Slows down the process of catabolism. Essential for all athletes without exception.

Using vitamin formulations without minerals does not achieve a complex effect on the body. Microelements affect the entire physical process of athletes, sporting achievements also depend on them:

  • Potassium and sodium – the body quickly loses these trace elements, which has a detrimental effect on the entire process. Fatigue, headache, tissue edema appear, and the load on the heart increases.
  • Zinc and magnesium – these substances are involved in the anabolic process, and without them, quick recovery from injuries is impossible;
  • Calcium – strengthens bones and joints, reduces the likelihood of injury. Accelerates the process of bone healing during the recovery period.
  • Iron, iodine, selenium – without these important trace elements, it is impossible to be energetic and go through long workouts without hindrance. Participate in hormonal changes, allow to normalize water and nitrogen balance.
  • Manganese – participates in reproductive functions, normalizes sexual activity.

The diet of athletes often consists of monotonous foods, as they need to adhere to a specific diet. The whole organism suffers from this. Vitamin and mineral complexes, which can be purchased at any sports store, will help to correct the need for useful elements.


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