Can you build muscle as a vegetarian?

Can you build muscle as a vegetarian?

People have individual characteristics not only in appearance, gender, nationality, but also in food preferences. Thanks to the promotion of healthy lifestyles, which has been going on for a whole century, there are more and more vegetarians and vegans in society. There are entire families and communities that follow certain dietary guidelines. In the modern world, it is no longer news that this or that person consumes products of plant origin, excluding animal food. Note that vegans and vegetarians are different, with many banned from eating animal products. There are not even eggs or milk in the diet. There are several types of vegetarianism:

  • Vegans are the most reserved people who completely exclude any animal food (meat, milk, eggs and even honey). They will also not wear leather or fur products. Everything related to animals is prohibited.
  • Ovo – lacto – vegetarians – can use eggs, milk, honey, but they are ardent opponents of killing animals. They will not eat red caviar or meat.
  • Ovo – vegetarians – include eggs in the diet in addition to fruits and vegetables, but they do not consume milk for their own reasons, like all other dairy products (cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese).
  • Lacto – vegetarians – milk and dairy products may be present in the diet of such people, but eggs are excluded, since they are the environment for the development of a living being.
  • Polo – vegetarians – try to keep the amount of animal protein to a minimum. The diet includes eggs, milk and poultry. Any animals are prohibited.
  • Pescetorians – do not eat dead animals, eggs or milk. Can afford fish and other seafood.
  • Fruitians are the hardest type of veganism. Every day in the diet only those fruits or vegetables that can be obtained without harming the plants.
  • Flexitarians – in exceptional cases, in addition to plant foods and can afford fish and meat.
  • Raw foodists prefer foods that have not been cooked. The maximum cooking temperature they can allow is 46

Bodybuilding has been the most popular sport among professional athletes and amateurs for many decades. Many vegetarians want to get beautiful muscle mass, but think that this is impossible due to the lack of animal fats. If you analyze history, you can see that many great athletes were vegetarians. Vegetarian bodybuilding is popular all over the world. If you correctly formulate your diet and additionally use sports supplements and, if necessary, farm, you can achieve success in recruiting muscles in the shortest possible time. Professional athletes have long used supplements to boost muscle growth and maintain performance. There is a category of supplements that companies create for people who cannot eat protein-rich meats.

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At all times, athletes have been strong and healthy people. Until the middle of the last century, it was believed that for muscle growth it was necessary to constantly consume meat and animal protein of any type. In fact, this is not entirely true. Scientists have long found out that it is not necessary to include animal fats in the diet for the full existence of an organism. Plant-based sources of protein are great for saturating the body with enough nutrients. A good muscle growth booster is Methandienone Injection, which can only be bought from specialist online pharmacies.

Vegetarianism (veganism) and sports nutrition

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Vegan sports nutrition was developed 70 years ago, and soy protein was the first sports nutrition. Subsequently, industry and technology have developed and various types of supplements have appeared on the market for people who are restricting their food. As a result, many athletes began to use this type of sports nutrition to gain muscle or prevent rollback.

Today the market is replete with a variety of different products of natural and artificial origin. “How to choose and understand all the nuances” – you ask. It’s simple for every category of vegetarians to have the sports supplements they need. Now everyone can gain the right amount of muscle, regardless of their prejudices and diet. Please note that there are universal mixtures, but they are still not suitable for everyone. Make sure you make the right choice:

  • Vegan vegetable protein is suitable for all types of people who prefer to go without animal protein.
  • Consuming amino acids and vitamin-mineral complexes is the best option before and after training. Allow to accelerate muscle growth, and fill the body with useful substances without the forced consumption of animal fats.
  • BCAA – can be used by all athletes without exception. It is taken regardless of the diet, well absorbed, accelerates muscle growth.
  • Creatine supplementation is a must-have for all vegetarians, as creatine can only be obtained by eating meat. Without this magic powder, you will not be able to gain muscle, especially if the diet is limited in animal protein.
  • Beta-alanine is a universal mixture for saturating the body with strength and energy. For vegetarians, due to lack of adequate nutrition, loss of strength is possible, lack of desire for stress. Beta-alanine will increase your workout in the gym and improve performance.
  • Protein from plant materials, saturates the body with pure protein and will accelerate the result in sports. Experts recommend protein from peas, rice, soybeans for all vegans.
  • Glutamine is another versatile powder for all athletes. Regulates acid-base balance, slows down the process of destruction of muscle tissue.
  • Pre-workout complexes and fat burners are tools that will increase performance during training, reduce body fat, and speed up metabolism.
  • For those who can afford eggs or milk, there are a number of protein supplements available to saturate the body with complete protein.


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