Which gainer to choose: a review of foods for gaining muscle mass

Which gainer to choose: a review of foods for gaining muscle mass

A weight gainer is a dietary supplement used to gain weight. The word comes from the English to gain, which translates as “gain”. The product contains proteins (multicomponent or whey) and carbohydrates (simple or complex) in ratios of 1: 1, 1: 2 and 1: 4. The gainer is used by athletes who seek to gain muscle mass during physical activity and strength exercises in the gym.

Гейнер в тренажерном зале

Benefits and harms of gainers

The complex combination of proteins and carbohydrates that make up the gainer allows you to quickly recover from grueling workouts and build muscle mass. The more proteins and fewer carbohydrates in the composition, the closer the gainer properties to protein.

A gainer is an indispensable product for athletes who care about good nutrition. The beneficial properties of gainers are as follows:

  • The product allows you to quickly gain the necessary weight and muscle mass if you use it according to the instructions and regularly exercise.
  • Increases the endurance of an athlete, reduces the recovery period of the body after physical exertion, and reduces fatigue.
  • Has an anti-catabolic effect – it slows down the process of protein breakdown in the body.
  • Helps unload the gastrointestinal tract due to the high concentration of proteins and carbohydrates in the composition.
  • Quickly recharges the body with the necessary energy under extreme stress.
  • Increases potency in men, as they provide energy to the entire body in aggregate.


A gainer is a safe product. However, its use may be restricted or prohibited for certain medical reasons:

  • Allergy to certain components of the food supplement or their individual intolerance (for example, lactose).
  • Pancreatitis or dysfunction of pancreatic enzymes.
  • Hypertension (creatine-containing gainers are contraindicated for people with this diagnosis).
  • Body fat or a tendency to obesity (a gainer contains a large amount of carbohydrates, it is used for gaining mass).
  • Diabetes and hemophilia (people with these conditions require individual consultation with a doctor before using gainers).

Side effects

With the correct use of the dietary supplement and the absence of contraindications, you should not experience side effects. However, you should be aware of them in order to prevent unpleasant consequences:

  • In case of an overdose or the use of a poor-quality expired mixture, food poisoning can occur: you need to know when to stop.
  • Skin rashes can be an individual reaction of the body. In this case, reduce the dosage or take a break.
  • With some diseases of the digestive system, the body does not always assimilate the components of the gainer. To avoid an upset stomach, consult your doctor.
  • Long-term use or overdose of a gainer may have a negative effect on liver and kidney health.

When to take gainers

The growth of muscle mass will occur only if the correct nutritional principles are followed with an optimal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The use of weight gainers has a strong effect on thin men and women with a fast metabolism. For people with a full physique, prone to obesity, it is recommended to use a sports nutrition instead of a gainer to burn fat.

Добавка BCAA

The approximate dosages depend on your body weight and the number of meals per day, they are presented in the following table:

Food 2 times a day 3 times a day 4 times a day
Body mass
50 Kg 100 g 90 g 80 g
60 Kg 120 g 105 g 90 g
70 kg 140 g 120 g 105 g
80 Kg 160 g 140 g 115 g
90 kg 180 g 155 g 130 g
100 Kg 200 g 170 g 140 g

To clarify the method of application and dosage, read the instructions for use indicated on the packaging of each of the gainers, as well as with an article in our blog.

Sports Nutrition Schedule

The food supplement is usually consumed on training days (3-5 times a week) before training and after exercise.

In the first case, you should eat the gainer 30-60 minutes before the start of exercise. The body will better absorb protein, and you will receive the necessary energy boost. Metabolism is different for all people: you should increase the time you use the gainer before training if you feel discomfort and heaviness in the abdomen.

The amino acids in the post-workout weight gainer will become the building blocks of your muscles, and the carbohydrates will provide the body with an additional influx of calories. At the end of strength training, it is recommended to give the body a short break: drink water and take BSAA. The gainer should be consumed no earlier than 30 minutes after training.

Some of the gainers should be drunk constantly, regardless of the number of training days per week.

Употребление гейнера

Sports Gainers Review

A wide range of nutritional supplements for athletes is currently on the sports nutrition market. Which of the gainers will be the most effective and good for you depends on various factors: the composition of the supplement, its cost, your taste and how many months on average it takes to gain weight from the beginning of use.

Consider products that have already proven themselves positively among athletes.


A sports supplement suitable for both beginners and professional athletes. It consists of high doses of complex carbohydrates and protein. A high-calorie gainer: one serving (150 grams) contains 600 kcal (80 g carbohydrates and 54 g protein). The manufacturer recommends taking Cytogainer 3 times a day every day, regardless of whether you exercise or not.

Cost – 2680 rubles. for 2.7 kg.

Serious Mass

The gainer is based on protein from raw eggs, a complex of vitamins, creatine and minerals. New from Optimum Nutrition. It differs from other gainers in that most of the calories here come from protein. Its source is whey isolate, which is the purest and most expensive of its kind. If you follow the instructions for use, you can gain up to 6 kg of lean muscle mass in the first month.

Cost – 4061 rubles. for 5.5 kg.

Hyper Mass 5000

Ideal for beginner athletes to gain up to 10 kg of lean muscle mass over several months of vigorous training and balanced nutrition. The improvement in physical fitness visible to the naked eye compensates for the sugary-sweet taste.

Cost – 2988 rubles. for 4 kg.

King Mass XL Ronie Coleman

Differs in one of the most pleasant flavors among gainers – similar to a milkshake. Does not irritate the digestive system and is suitable even for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Promotes the fastest possible recovery of the body after the most strenuous activities in the gym.

Cost – 2991 rubles. for 2.75 kg.

BSN True Mass

The minimum proportion of sugar and a balanced set of proteins along with carbohydrates. Source of a wide variety of essential amino acids. (pregnyl 5000 kaufen ) Helps athletes with an accelerated metabolism during extreme training. Practically does not promote fat gain in comparison with analogues.

Cost – 3659 rubles. for 4.65 kg.

Up Your Mass

It contains a lipid complex (fatty acids), glutamine, high quality protein, amino acids and vitamins. This gainer does not get boring: many of the newbies love it for its wide variety of flavors. Insulin levels return to normal with ingestion, which provides a significant increase in strength from the first days of training.

Cost – 2690 rubles. for 2.27 kg.

Mutant Mass

The famous bodybuilder Rich Piana took part in the advertising campaign of the gainer, which influenced the popularity of the product. The optimal combination of protein and carbohydrates enhances anabolism. Some of the athletes are unhappy with the high amount of sugar in the composition, but this makes up for the excellent taste. One of the best value for money.

Cost – 4420 rubles. for 6.8 kg.

Recipes for making gainers at home

You can prepare a gainer at home using natural products. It is important to maintain the right balance between protein, carbohydrates and fats. A self-made drink does not contain artificial colors and flavors, and therefore it is more healthy. In addition, a homemade gainer will always be cheaper than a purchased one.

Гейнер в домашних условиях

The time it takes to prepare your home gainer and its limited shelf life are the only difficulties you may have.

Home Gainer Ingredients: Proteins and Carbs

To make a cocktail at home, you need the following ingredients:

  • Protein: Isolate cannot be obtained at home. Low fat milk powder or other protein-containing foods are usually used instead.
  • Sucrose: granulated sugar or refined sugar.
  • Fructose: bee honey.
  • Cocoa powder (for chocolate flavor lovers).
  • Maltodextrin: A complex carbohydrate found in any grocery store.

To prepare the cocktail base, first mix the protein (protein) and sucrose (carbohydrate) in the desired ratio: standard – 70% to 30%. Add the rest of the ingredients to taste, taking into account the percentage of protein and carbohydrates in their composition.

Choose cottage cheese, skim milk, 10% sour cream, or egg white as a source of pure protein for your shake. Most carbohydrates are found in oatmeal, bananas, honey, sugar, and sweet syrup.

Mix everything in a blender. Consume before or after training.

Weight gainer and training program

To gain muscle mass in several months, one use of gainers is not enough. The staff of our fitness center can help you find a beautiful and healthy body. Try one-on-one training with a trainer: Experienced instructors, based on the results of an initial fitness test, will create a personal training program and gainers for you.

You no longer need to study the information yourself. Personal training is the best choice for those who prefer safety and individual approach.

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