Sports nutrition: how to take and choose

Sports nutrition: how to take and choose

“What is sports nutrition for?” – perhaps this question was asked by everyone who at least once came into contact with the fitness theme. Only a specialist – an instructor or an experienced athlete can give an exhaustive answer to it. Today in the blog – a professional consultation of Stanislav Antsiferov, personal trainer of the Mango club, candidate for master of sports in arm wrestling.

What is sports nutrition

A balanced diet combined with regular exercise is a versatile formula to meet your personal athletic goal. The result will not be long in coming if you fulfill both points of this condition by 100%.

Most people have difficulty in shaping their diet. Calculation of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients is not an easy task that requires special knowledge and qualified support.

Experts have found a solution – they released sports nutrition, a special class of food products in the form of dietary supplements. Its assortment includes preparations containing the necessary components for the formation and maintenance of good physical shape.

Why do you need to take

Sports nutrition is your personal assistant on the way to your dream figure. It replenishes the balance of nutrients in the body and, depending on the type of product, contributes to an intensive set of muscle mass, weight loss without harm to health, quick recovery after exhausting workouts, etc.

Sportpit is suitable only for those people who have been physically active or engaged in bodybuilding for a long time. Before thinking about taking it, you need to set a goal and start playing sports systematically: train for an hour at least 3 times a week.

It is not recommended for beginners in fitness to take sports nutrition immediately. For the harmonious development of the muscles, the body’s own resources are sufficient at first. However, if exercise has become a part of your daily routine and you feel the need for additional nutrients, you might consider taking a sports nutrition supplement.

Станислав Анциферов, персональный тренер фитнес-клуба «Манго»

How to choose sports nutrition

For muscle growth

Protein shakes. A sports nutrition product that consists of 85-100% pure protein. It is in great demand among athletes seeking to gain muscle mass.

Carbohydrate blends. Supplements intended for lean people with fast metabolism. They increase lipid and muscle tissue, and also normalize all metabolic processes in the body.


Fat burners. Weight loss mixtures. They contain omega-3, L-carnitine, guarana, caffeine, which stimulate metabolic processes and break down fats.

Amino acid complexes. The supplement is based on split proteins, including BCAA amino acids, which are not synthesized by the body on its own. They are involved in the absorption of nutrients and counteract the accumulation of fat.

To recover

Vitamin and mineral supplements. A large number of physical activities wears out the body and leads to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Supplements replace their quantity and support immunity.

How to create a nutritional program

Please consult your doctor and fitness instructor before taking sports nutrition. The products have a number of contraindications. Together with specialists, you can choose the best supplement option and calculate the dosage taking into account the characteristics of your health. As a rule, sports nutrition is taken under the supervision of a personal trainer during physical exercise, one hour or just before training.

The team of experienced trainers of the Mango club provides comprehensive fitness support: from drawing up an individual training program to a specific nutrition and sleep plan.

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