Muscle drying: to whom, why, how

Muscle drying: to whom, why, how

Together with muscle mass, the level of subcutaneous fat will certainly increase. This is our nature: the predominant anabolism in the body does not allow us to build muscle without gaining extra fats and carbohydrates. There is no other way. The larger our body becomes, the more substances it needs. Including those we are trying to get rid of.

The sculpted body of experienced bodybuilders is the result of muscle drying. To get rid of the acquired subcutaneous fat, you need to reduce the level of glycogen, which is responsible for storing carbohydrates. By burning off stored carbohydrates, we get lean and lean muscle mass. But is it that simple? Let’s figure out how to “dry” properly.

Where is the tipping point?

Standing oblique muscles of the abdomen and abs cubes you get, reducing the amount of body fat to 8-12%. It is not recommended to reduce it harder – you will achieve the opposite desired effect. Our body is a complex system, a “computer”. Approaching the critical point, it responds with overcompensation. For example, there was 15% subcutaneous fat, with titanic efforts you reached 6%. The brain receives an SOS signal and, in order not to be dying, makes up for the losses. And with a margin – in case of a new shake-up. Now, together the usual 15%, in your body – 18%, or even more subcutaneous fat. Don’t terrorize yourself!

Men’s body drying

Результат сушки мышц

Drying the body provides for special nutrition and a set of exercises that develop the relief of the muscles. These exercises include a variety of bench presses, weighted squats, reverse crunches, deadlifts, etc.

As for nutrition, the main rule here is to reduce, but in no case exclude carbohydrate intake. Reduce the size of the usual portions, maintaining the habit of refreshing 4-6 times a day. If you feel that there is not enough energy for a productive workout, break the daily diet into 7-8 meals – it will be easier for the body to endure the load.

Reduce carbohydrates gradually while maintaining protein levels. Protein is especially important during drying. Make it a rule: 60-70% of protein should come with low-fat food, the remaining 30-40% – with sports nutrition.

Women’s body drying

Результаты сушки тела

The rules for women’s athletic training during the drying period are no different from those for men. A different matter is with nutrition: the fair sex must reconsider the usual diet.

Let’s start with protein. The daily dose for a woman of average weight (50–55 kg) is 100–120 g. The more you train, the more muscle volume becomes, and with it the body weight. Accordingly, the body requires more protein: every 10 kg of muscle mass must be provided with at least 60 g of protein, ⅔ of which comes from sports nutrition and animal foods.

A small amount of fat calories for exercising women will also do no harm. The main thing is not to exceed the norm, 10% of the total daily calorie intake. Protein calories should be about 60-65%, carbohydrate – 25-30%. In total, during the drying period, a woman needs 35-40 kilocalories per day for each kilogram of weight.

Eat small meals, but often, 5-6 times a day. Long intervals between meals slow down metabolism, which ultimately leads to obesity. Perform energy restructuring gradually. During the first week of drying, consume 40% of carbohydrate calories per day, during the second – 35%, on the third you can go to the recommended 25-30%.

You can dry yourself, but it is easier and safer to do it under the guidance of an experienced trainer. He will determine how long it will take to create a beautiful relief, make a diet and give valuable recommendations.

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