What are omega fatty acids?

What are omega fatty acids?

Over the past half century, scientists have achieved great advances in the study of substances useful and harmful to the human body. Most people who do not yet know what omega fatty acids are, cannot understand how fats can be beneficial. Until a certain time, it was believed that fats kill the human body, and weight gain was often associated precisely with eating food with a lot of fat. Now that scientists have refuted these concepts, many people have begun to include their favorite foods in their diet while dieting without fear of extra pounds. Please note that omega 3 6 9 acids play a huge role in the functioning of the whole body. The work of the heart, brain and other organs and systems depends on them. If you deeply understand all the positive qualities of these substances, you can put them in first place with vitamins. The human body is a mechanism that, with minor violations, does not work correctly, which leads to various diseases. Omega 3 fats will help you recover and improve your well-being in many diseases. They should also be taken by athletes and people with an active lifestyle. Doctors often prescribe this kind of supplement in the postoperative period for quick recovery, as well as for people with low immunity. A universal supplement for all occasions, which is proved by numerous studies and the demand in the sports nutrition market.

Omega 3,6,9

There is an opinion among people who have not come across this type of supplement that omega fatty acids do not differ from each other and are completely useless. If you ask people who have been following a healthy lifestyle for several years about the benefits of fat, the answer will be positive, despite the myths that have developed over the past few centuries. In fact, each of the acids has its own purpose and is responsible for certain functions:

  • Omega-3 are polyunsaturated acids responsible for the formation of new cells in the body. Without them, complete restoration of organs and systems is impossible. To completely saturate the body with substances, you will need not only the use of the right food, but also the intake of substances in their pure form. Sources are all types of salmon fish, walnuts, fish oil;
  • Omega – 6 – are responsible for restoring energy levels, reducing fatigue. It is very important to know that they are not produced on their own; they can be obtained only by including red meat and dairy products in the diet;
  • Omega – 9 – are able to be converted in the body, so many began to believe that this type of fatty acids does not need to be taken additionally. Of course, if a person eats properly, does not load the body with physical activity, he may be able to maintain the necessary balance. With serious physical and mental stress, the amount produced independently is not enough. For this reason, it is recommended to eat different types of nuts and use vegetable oils.

The positive effects of omega fatty acids on the body

The use of any supplement still causes a lot of controversy among people in different countries. To determine the choice of a particular category of additives, you need to carefully understand their properties and characteristics. Before buying, you need to decide on the goal and the desired result in order to really benefit from the reception. Each of the omegas has its own qualities that give a certain effect:

Acid name Pros of the substance
Omega-3 1. Improve the cardiovascular system.

2. Reduce the risk of early heart attack, stroke, restore blood vessels.

3. Strengthen bones and joints, make ligaments elastic.

4. Improve memory, have a positive effect on the entire nervous system.

5. Prevent aging of the body.

6. Help athletes to increase muscle mass without health consequences.

Omega-6 1.Improve receptor sensitivity.

2. Accelerate metabolic processes.

3. Allow you to get high achievements in sports.

4. Cleanse the body of toxins;

5. Promote increased sexual activity in men.

6. Restore hair, strengthen nails, smooth wrinkles.

Omega-9 1. Helps during the formation of cancer cells, slowing down their division.

2. They prevent an increase in blood glucose, it is an important substance necessary for diabetes.

3. Reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

4. Accelerate metabolism, accelerating weight loss.

5. Allow substances to be absorbed faster.

6. Maintain muscle tone, saturate the body with energy and strength.

To restore health and achieve good results in sports, an integrated approach and taking several supplements or a balanced mixture at once will help. Omega 3 6 9 for weight loss have become indispensable, this is proved not only by numerous studies of scientists, but also by positive reviews. Complex supplements with these acids include not only for weight loss, but also for gaining muscle mass, athletes, as well as during the drying period.

Benefits of using omega fatty acids for athletes

Omega 3 for athletes, as well as other acids, allow athletes to improve their physical performance before competition, as well as recover from serious hormonal drugs. The use of steroids has become an integral part of sports life. During this period, the body experiences tremendous stress. In addition, those who use anabolic steroids on an ongoing basis face side effects. Healthy fat supplements can help you manage your therapy without physical or emotional distress. Athletes who use omega get a lot of positive properties:

  • Promotes accelerated muscle growth;
  • Change the structure of the musculature, make it more elastic with veins;
  • Prevent injuries under severe stress during training;
  • Allows faster recovery between sessions;
  • Reduce post-workout pain;
  • Reduce fat accumulation in tissues;
  • Oxygenate cells for endurance;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Improves the absorption of additional substances;
  • Normalize sexual activity;
  • Enhances the action of other supplements and drugs;
  • Prevent depressive disorders;
  • Improves mood, stimulates training;
  • Omega 3 in sports provide a constant supply of energy and strength.

Omega Fatty Acid Guidelines for Athletes

On the sports nutrition market, you can buy funds individually and in complex mixtures. If you start taking omega 6 fatty acids or another type of acid, it will be impossible to replenish the missing substances in the body. Most often, you need to use several tools at once. Of course, it is not forbidden to use them separately from each other, only the effect will be incomplete and can be disappointing. The most beneficial option is the ratio of omega 3 6 9. Supplements are produced mainly in capsules for greater consumer convenience. The dosage is calculated individually and depends on the diet and physical activity. For prevention, 1000 mg per day will be enough. In the period after the disease, this amount can be increased to 2000 mg per day. Professional athletes who experience maximum stress and stress increase this amount to 3000 mg per day. It is important to remember when calculating the dosage that an overabundance, as well as a lack of certain substances, can negatively affect the entire body. More often than not, those who take large amounts of supplements are likely to experience intestinal upset and related symptoms in the first place. Taking omega 3 6 9 should take into account all the features of the situation. Can be combined with any medium regardless of purpose.

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