Sports supplements – why are they needed?

Sports supplements – why are they needed?

Perhaps each of us has heard of sports supplements or sports nutrition. However, not everyone who has heard knows what sports supplements are. If you are professionally involved in sports, attending fitness classes, bodybuilding, or just going to lose weight, then you need sports supplements.

What are sports supplements?

Употребление аминокислот

Modern professional sports are unthinkable without special nutrition, no athlete can achieve high results by eating only ordinary food. It is the special sports supplements that help the athlete’s body first of all recover after exhausting workouts. Sports supplements are specially formulated preparations for people who are actively involved in sports. These supplements are aimed at improving athletic performance, increasing endurance and strength, and as a result, getting rid of excess weight and improving well-being.

Ассортимент спортивных добавок и спортивного питания

Such supplements can contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal extracts – in any concentration and combination of several substances. Various sports supplements to one degree or another help the body work: speed up metabolism, give energy and strength. Taking sports supplements is necessary if a person’s energy expenditure is much higher than the calorie intake. Supplements supply energy in its pure form, so it is easier for the body to absorb it and nothing extra is stored. Sports supplements are completely legal, usually sold in fitness clubs or specialty stores, and do not require a prescription.

How do various supplements work?

Each type of sports supplement has a different effect, so different drugs are taken depending on the purpose. Let’s list some of them.

Креатин для улучшения силовых показателей

Thus, creatine contributes to more powerful muscle contractions, increased explosive strength, quicker recovery and muscle growth. Preparations with creatine are more often used in those sports where it is necessary to perform short strength jerks followed by a recovery period. For example, weightlifting, sprinting, or strength sports.

Жиросжигатель L-карнитин

Fat burners or thermogenics are stimulants that improve metabolism. These include L-carnitine, which is recommended to be taken an hour or half an hour before exercise on average. Due to the acceleration of metabolism and additional energy, the use of this drug in conjunction with training shows excellent results.

Протеин для набора мышечной массы

Protein, a very common sports supplement, is pure protein. Protein is essential for intense workouts: after exertion, the muscles need to recover, this is possible only with the help of protein preparations or cocktails. This protein, like other sports supplements, is easily absorbed by the body.

Энергетические добавки

Energy drinks are very popular – a complex complex of high quality carbohydrates, various vitamins and protein. It can be both cocktails and concentrated extracts of some plants, for example, guarana. The alternative is energy bars.

Correct selection and regular use of sports supplements helps to achieve great results in fitness, bodybuilding, any kind of sports and simply maintaining good shape and well-being.

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