Short courses of steroids: effectiveness and features

Short courses of steroids: effectiveness and features

Bodybuilding has become popular since the middle of the last century. Initially, athletes pumped their muscles and tried to improve their performance with regular nutrition and training, and this was not always possible. Each organism has its individual characteristics, so many people gorge themselves on advancing in a set of muscles. What to do in this case? It’s just that for more than half a century, professionals and amateurs have been using anabolic steroids to quickly gain muscle and improve their relief. Of course, there are many rumors around these funds about their harm and mortal danger. In fact, almost every athlete sooner or later resorts to the help of hormones, the body’s resources run out already after 2 years of training.

Stacks are very popular among athletes – this is a combination of drugs from a different group to achieve the best result. Of course, you can start a course on mass and with one hormone, depending on the goal, this is not important. Today, beginners who are just starting a career as a chemist are thinking about short courses in mass and strength. Not everyone understands the difference between a long course and a short cycle.

The main advantage of a short cycle is the absence of significant hormonal disturbances in the body. When steroids are used for a minimum time, there is no suppression of their own testosterone, the athlete does not need to recover and supplement therapy with various means. Short courses are suitable for both beginners and professionals, it is important to follow all the recommendations. A short course of steroids will become the basis for high-quality training and high results, without harm to health and sports career.

короткий курс стероидов

Features of a short course of steroids

Short courses involve frequent use of hormonal agents, with short rest breaks. The optimal time of admission is 2-4 weeks. This time is enough to gain a small amount of muscles, improve their relief and burn fat. Note that there are no side effects after this cycle. The choice of drugs and the correct calculation of the dosage are mandatory. There are certain types of short courses of steroids for mass, strength, relief:

  • Solo application is a cycle during which only one steroid and a number of aids are used to enhance the effectiveness. For beginners, it is best to choose a solo application to familiarize the body with hormonal changes. Perfect for these purposes: Sustanon, Boldenone, Turinabol. These anabolic steroids will allow you to gain large amounts of muscle without consequences.
  • Complex – the use of several anabolic steroids at once to achieve several goals at once. The complex is suitable for both beginners and professionals, you just need to choose the right drugs. Most often they combine Methane + Sustanon or Turinabol + Winstrol + Oxandrolone.

Before you start using anabolic substances, you need to determine the goal and consult your doctor. The best steroid courses for gaining muscle mass are well-chosen combinations. It is better for beginners not to risk it and purchase a ready-made course in a sports store. Otherwise, due to incorrect calculations, significant changes in the body may occur.

Benefits of a short course of steroids

A course for a set of high-quality muscle mass can be effective only if all the rules of use and recommendations of specialists are observed. There is no need to invent new combinations, for more than half a century athletes have been using hormones, which has made it possible to develop the most effective and safe anabolic courses. Why are short cycles so common? Everyone chooses the path to achieving a sports goal independently. Not only the final result, but also health will depend on his choice. A short cycle pharma course has many advantages:

  • An increase in muscle mass by significant indicators, for a minimum period of hormone use;
  • The ability to achieve several goals at once (mass, strength, endurance, relief);
  • Minimal rollback phenomenon, no additional type of funds required;
  • Fast recovery, no excipients;
  • Absence of lipid disorders, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system;
  • Minimal effect on the liver;
  • Reducing the likelihood of hormonal pit formation;
  • Absence of psychological disorders, depression.

Which steroids are suitable for a short course

какие стероиды подходят для короткого курса

The use of anabolic steroids should start with the delivery of tests for hormonal indicators. Beginners should consult a sports doctor. Schemes for short courses of steroids differ depending on the anabolic steroids included. To achieve a lofty goal, you need to choose the safest means. If the athlete wants to achieve only an increase in muscle mass or dryness, only one anabolic Sustanon, Methane, Testosterone or Turinabol can be used. The dosage is calculated individually, as well as the duration of the course based on standard norms. For maximum effect, it is recommended to use combined mixtures of anabolic esters. The most popular combinations are the following:

  • Sustanon 250 mg per week + Primobolan 100 mg 3 times a week + Dianabol 25 mg per day. Duration no more than 3 weeks.
  • Testosterone cypionate or enanthate 100 mg per day + Primobolan 3 times every 7 days + Winstrol 25 mg per day. Duration up to 4 weeks.
  • Trenbolone 75 mg every day + Dianabol 50 mg daily divided by 2 times. Duration no more than 3 weeks.

These are the best steroid courses that allow you to gain maximum muscle volume, remove subcutaneous fat deposits, improve structure and relief.

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