Allergy to sports nutrition

Allergy to sports nutrition

Allergy is the most common disease of modern mankind. Every third inhabitant of the planet suffers from allergic reactions throughout their lives. There are 2 types of allergies, congenital disorders and acquired ones. Sometimes a person lives and does not know that he has contraindications to a particular product or medicine. Many do not even realize that the usual protein in meat and eggs can cause disturbances in the body and cause complications.

People who consume large amounts of protein on an ongoing basis, and this is most often athletes, are susceptible to this problem. Allergy to sports nutrition is quite common and it depends not only on the individual characteristics of the human body, but also on the quality of production of such products. If the manufacturer did not take into account any factors or simply decided to reduce the cost of the means for sports training, certain problems may arise. Allergy to protein can be accompanied by intestinal upset, rashes, shortness of breath.

Even if an athlete has been using the same sports food for many years, it is possible that at some point he may have an allergic reaction. Scientists do not fully understand why, at a certain period of a person’s life, a reaction to food, pollen or medicines suddenly appears. Allergens in sports nutrition can be contained not only in protein, but also in additional substances that are used in production to improve the taste, smell, and solubility of the product. For this reason, when choosing a sports supplement as a source of protein, you need to take into account all the positive and negative qualities of it.

Allergy to sports nutrition: symptoms

The body of each person has certain reserves of nutrients. With an excess of even useful elements, disorders of various types can occur. Allergy affects not only sick people, but also absolutely healthy athletes with the right diet. If previously the athlete did not notice problems associated with intolerance to ingredients in food and supplements, it is very difficult for him to navigate and recognize allergies in certain signs. Symptoms of a sports nutrition allergy may vary, and it will be difficult to immediately understand if you do not know the main signs of the disease:

  • Intestinal upset, abdominal pain, after every shake.
  • Unstable digestion, unpleasant belching, stomach pain.
  • Allergy to synthetic ingredients can manifest itself in the form of a nasal flow. A runny nose in this case most often cannot be eliminated with drops.
  • Lack of smell, nasal congestion.
  • The skin becomes covered with small asexual pimples or blisters. Anxiety causes unbearable itching and burning.
  • Eczema of various types, from watery eruptions to dry scaly lesions.
  • Constant sneezing, swelling of the nose.
  • Teary eyes (very rarely, mostly with a runny nose).
  • Swelling of the eyelids, face and other parts of the body.
  • Swelling in the mouth, numbness of the tongue.

симптомы аллергии на спортивное питание

Before you start fixing the problem and scold the conscientious manufacturers of sports nutrition, you need to understand why you have an allergy. If you have a congenital condition, anything, not necessarily the supplement you are taking, could cause a relapse. With acquired allergic reactions, it is more difficult, here you need to determine exactly what led to the rash or runny nose. You can do this yourself if you take into account the main causes of allergies:

  • Allergy to natural ingredients in additives such as chocolate, citrus, cocoa and other substances.
  • Artificial flavors.
  • Lactose intolerance, which is present in milk;
  • Contraindications to protein or its excess.
  • Depressive disorders.
  • The most serious physical activity that reduces immunity.
  • Postponed infectious or viral disease.
  • Prolonged exposure to the allergen.
  • Legacy changes.
  • Metabolic disorders.

Scientists still do not stop controversy about the occurrence of allergies in certain people. Perhaps, in the near future it will become clear why some representatives of humanity do not have signs of allergies, others suffer from it for a long time and at the same time drugs do not help them. Also, scientists cannot solve the riddle of self-healing. Many patients who have been unsuccessfully treated for allergies for a long time suddenly begin to live fully without restrictions.

If you are an athlete or a healthy lifestyle advocate and you have an allergic reaction, don’t panic. Of course, ideally, you need to be tested for allergens and undergo a full examination. If for some reason it is impossible to do this, give up for a while from sports nutrition or try replacing it with a similar product, only from another manufacturer. First of all, it will be clear to you what the problem is in the composition or in the production conditions of the product.

аллергия на спортпит

An athlete who first encountered an allergy should definitely abandon all additives for a while to find out the causes of the reaction. A careful study of the composition will help with the delivery of tests. If it is confirmed that you are allergic to the ingredients in the composition, you will need to give up sports food for a while. If you approach the treatment correctly, you can avoid the problem with the further use of sports products:

  • Remove from your diet any kind of sports nutrition, foods containing allergen;
  • Take antihistamines such as Ketotifen;
  • It is necessary to include in the treatment drugs to cleanse the intestines from toxins and sorbents;
  • If there are watery blisters on the body, you do not need to pierce or remove them in other ways;
  • Eliminate any medication other than antihistamines;
  • To eliminate itchy skin, start using special gels and creams;
  • Exclude visiting saunas and baths, this can give a complication;
  • Eat an allergen-free diet.

непереносимость лактозы

You can prevent allergies to sports nutrition if you follow the recommendations of your doctor and nutritionist. It is not necessary to immediately return to the use of the supplement that caused the allergy after treatment, wait a little and choose a different type of sports food. You should control your diet for a long time and not include in it the most dangerous allergens, such as chocolate, eggs, honey, nuts and red berries. Study the composition carefully if there is an intolerance to the components. It is important to remember that the quality of additives plays a huge role, so try to use only products with a natural composition without fragrances, dyes and other chemical elements.

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